The Author

How to read this book:

Begin with the pages with the smaller numbers in the front of the book and proceed towards the back of the book. Hold a pencil in your hand as you read. Read slowly and cross out the sections that are meaningless to you. When you finish the book, read it again, and this time bring an eraser. Did you ever wonder why authors put in a section on how to read their book? Maybe producers should include a section on how to watch their movies, or restaurants on how to eat their food. Each full chapter will examine a specific topic and attempt to clarify and summarize the mainstream of thought rather than the fringe areas.

Robert W. Elkins M.D.

If you take a look at the book cover, you'll notice the different colored boxes. When you finish the book, you'll be able to figure out which box you live in, which box you'd like to be in, and what is required of you on your journey to the highest box, which may take several lifetimes to achieve.

The Truth

The half chapters change format somewhat, each containing a short illustrative story meant to personalize the topic and make it more practical. This book is non-fiction, and is written for those who take the printed word as honest and sincere, as well as those who are skeptical of every new thought and idea. If you are wondering if what you have read on a page is really the way I feel, assume it is. But this doesn’t mean it’s the truth. The truth is up to you to discover. My hope is that when this book arrives at the bookstore the manager can’t figure out which section to place it in.

Macho Metaphysics - Kindle Edition

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