Common Sense and Enlightenment

When you speak of lofty ideals and concepts, such as awakening and enlightenment, it’s often easy to lose yourself in the “etherial bliss of the universe”, and ignore common sense. Of course, common sense is a misnomer–it is anything but common, and we’ve all heard common sense that isn’t sense at all.

Now a days, every one has an opinion about everything, and this is fine, as long as that opinion doesn’t preclude your ability to alter that opinion when the proper time comes; and of course, as long as your opinion doesn’t hinder anyone else’s opinion.  But still,  It would be nice if we could temper what we hear and read with a little common sense. Lately, there seems to be a need for more than just a little common sense.

After listening to Donald Trump this weekend, let me stick my foot in my mouth and take a hot and controversial topic, and throw out a few facts. Just as an example.

Gun Control  (Wow, where did that come from).

Like the abortion issue, immigration, and gay marriage, this ranks way up there on the issues which get your blood pressure churning. So let’s use a little common sense. I’m not trying to solve the issue,  or alter your opinion, rather than adding a little common sense to the mix.

There are over 310  million handguns in the United States, give or take a few million, (There are 327 million mobile phones.

Raise your hand if you think banning the sale of guns will have a major impact on that figure. Tell people to turn in their guns, or ban the sale of guns is Kinda like asking people to turn in the mobile phones.

Secondly:  If you look back at prohibition, how hard was it for anyone to get a drink? If you look at illegal drugs (cocaine, etc.) how hard is it for any high school student to buy a bag or two?  And now, how hard would it be for a bad guy to buy a used gun on the street in his neighborhood. If at first he didn’t succeed, he’d still have 310 million chances.

Third: The vast vast majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens who have guns for sport, protection and just to collect.  These are not the people who are causing the problem. Well, who are the people.  Basically for want of a better term, the bad guys. Most bad guys don’t go into school and theaters, however to start shooting up the crowd. For want of a better term, we can call these the crazies. Throughout history, there have always been crazies.  But lately, they seem more prevalent, more dangerous, and much more violent. This is the group that has to be controlled.  “How” is the question. How do you screen gun owners to weed out the “crazies”.


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