The Enemy of Enlightenment



If you look at the boxes on the cover of the book, you wonder about timing. When do we move up the rungs of the ladder to complete the next step of our enlightenment? How long will it take? Is there a benefit to speed, and a penalty for sluggishness? And what exactly is standing in our way?

Even more puzzling, why bother with personal development at all? Can’t we just keep heading down the path we are on now? And the answer is, “of course”. There is nothing we need to do, and no penalty for enjoying the status quo.

But, there comes a time when we look at the world and realize we may have made many judgments and decisions, based on mis-information. We come to realize that the world around  us may not be reality, certainly not our reality. Things just don’t seem right. The stories and the morals that we were taught as a child don’t seem to jive any more with what we see going on around us. We can react to this, or once again do nothing. But as we mature, doing nothing seems to be a cop out. Besides, it’s boring.

Some of what we see around us is just normal change, and some seems to be the dumbing down of the humanity; an intent to keep us in the dark, to feed us misinformation, so that we can continue as the uneducated masses. I’m sure you can find multiple evidence of this in the newspaper every morning. This one lied, that one cheated, that one lead us down a false path. And even if we ignore the mis-information that is fed to us at a rapidly increasing level, deep down inside, we become tired of teachers who know less than we do, and who treat us like kindergarten students.

I reread 1984 by George Orwell a few weeks ago. It ‘s a little more scary than it was when I read it the first time. Actually a lot more scary. Please put it on your “to read list” and let me know if you agree. It was published in the 50’s, and made some predictions about the 80’s. Some of them sound very familiar.

So once we begin to realize that we alone are the masters of our destiny, that our journey thru enlightenment is a personal quest, and our BS filters are finally tuned, we can get down to the nitty gritty and decide whether we want to take the journey or not. We can also assess where we are on our path. Or if we have begun at all. And of course, we are talking about a emotional and educational journey, not a physical one.

We’ve probably learned from our everyday experiences, that timing, is often crucial to success. A great idea plus timing usually brings good results. A great idea without timing is iffy. When to buy and sell a house, or a stock, when to have children, when to move to another city, when to change your mind, when to evaluate yourself, when to begin your enlightenment.

What influences our decisions on timing is often flimsy information that looked like solid facts before our decision, but turned out to be spin or hype after our decision was made.

I’m sure you’re looking for a list of specific answers to these questions, and unfortunately, I’m not sure my answers are your answers. And that’s the point of this blog. Search out your own answers. Fertilize your thinking. Be bold, and take hold of your existence, find your truth and act on it. But remember your timing. Good luck.



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